The existing washrooms at the establishment were two separate single unit washrooms with a toilet and sink in each. The owners of the restaurant approached us saying the washrooms just don’t work and are old and outdated. With the layout of the space and the constraints with size of the area we decided to design a large unisex washroom, by doing this we doubled the number of facilities. We completely demolished the area back to studs, cut out the concrete floor to re plumb in for four new toilets. We framed in four new oak wood stalls along the back wall. We relocated the main door to the end to allow a new large vanity floating cabinet which we designed and fabricated. The client liked our idea and design for floating mirrors with lights behind them, we then designed and fabricated two vanity mirrors and one large wall mirror. The room was then covered with mosaic tiles on the wall and a custom floor tile. A new vaulted t-bar ceiling was installed with patterned ceiling tiles with new 3” pot lights. We installed a new ventilation system in to the room and ceiling speakers. The client now has four stalls as opposed to two separate washrooms and can double the flow thru the room helping with waiting guests. On the outside wall to the restaurant we had to re build the area to match existing decor to look like it was always there. The wall was covered with a custom vinyl decal, so we had to faux finish the wall into the decal to look original. The whole project was designed and carried out by Teklar from start to finish.

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